Clark Gallery – Wheat and Water at Clark Gallery

In 1991, Don Kirby happened to be driving across eastern Washington on Route 2, and he shot one photograph. Just one. But he did not forget the carefully seeded and plowed fields under the wide skies of this wheat country.

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Kevin Francis – Anasazi Exhibit Review

Don’t let the photograph in the window display showing an unexciting row of black handprints on white rock that could be straight off the set of The River Wild keep you from venturing inside.

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Leah Ollman – Wheatcountry Exhibit Review

Wheat fields may sound like a hopelessly prosaic subject for an artist in the late ’90s, but Don Kirby’s photographs at Craig Krull Gallery remind us that art is all in the how rather than in the what.

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PDN – Out West

A long-term project photographing the sea of grass stretching across the American West presented self-taught landscape photographer Don Kirby new challenges—in the field and in the darkroom.

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Cloud Reflections Kiowa National Grassland, NM

The New Mexican Review

The landscape of the American West is frequently thought of in terms of the dependence of human beings on resources they can cultivate in the soil.

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