Since 1991 Don Kirby has been directing workshops dedicated to photography as an expressive art form. The workshops emphasize personal creative insight and visual literacy through supportive critique of participants portfolios, group discussion, and instructor presentations and discussion of their own work. Top level skills in the craft of photography are taught in directed field sessions and one-to-one instruction covering all aspects of visualization, composition, exposure, development, printing, and presentation of fine art photographs. The instructors are successful working photographers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. The workshops are located in spectacular landscapes with which the instructors are intimately familiar. All photography approaches, film/digital, alternative and combinative processes, and camera formats are welcome.

SHORE ACRES & THE OREGON COAST, August 30th to September 3rd, 2020

Stu Levy and Don Kirby
Workshop Fee: US $600
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Shore Acres and the Oregon Coast will be the focus of this workshop. On the Oregon coast west of Coos Bay, Shore Acres is often termed the “Point Lobos of Oregon.” It is an area of convoluted rock forms and tide pools. North and south along the coast are pristine sand dunes and volcanic “seastacks” forming the rugged coastline. This is the backdrop for an intensive photographic experience with Stu Levy and Don Kirby. Early mornings and late afternoons will feature field sessions with camera-side evaluation of composition and exposure. At mid-day, the instructors will lead print viewing and critique sessions and will present their own work. Stu and Don are intimately familiar with the region and offer you a unique combination of technical expertise and creative insight which promises to make this workshop an unforgettable experience. Information on accommodations will be provided.

All camera formats, film, digital, and all printing approaches are welcome.