Photo Update Vol.1, No.1, August, 2015

You may notice a change in format for my Photo Update Newsletter–I’ve decided to try something new. Let’s hope new is good–certainly learning something new is good for me! I’ll probably mess things up a bit for a while, please bear with me!

Some things will not change–I don’t plan to send them any more often than I have. And the content will remain flexible. I want to add some image content and some links to Joan Gentry’s and my websites, perhaps others as well. And I would like your suggestions of content you would like to see included.

Our foray into digital continues with increasing pleasure. To our mutual surprise, color reappeared in our work. I had abandoned color work early on, thinking I didn’t use color in figuring out my compositions. But, seeing the images in color changed my mind, and I’m using it again, in some cases showing both color and B/W versions of the same scene. Joan has done the same. We’re making more exposures–no surprise there. More variations on the same scene, more risk taking, more distance covered due to less weight, quicker action when needed, camera always with us–all positive things. I hope we are still studying the scene as we always have!

New Work on our Websites

More than forty-four new photos are posted to my Recent Work gallery.

A winter trip to LA led to somewhat abstract images in a Torrance Mall, and, not to be outdone, some from Santa Fe Malls, most in color. Otero Mesa in Southern New Mexico was revisited in March producing images of the unique grasslands and low mountains. In April/May we were in Southern Utah along the San Juan River and hiking the canyons on Cedar Mesa, dodging the weather and capturing new landscapes and Anasazi photos. The July 4th car show in Santa Fe gave me a couple of new looks.

Joan has fifty-three new images on her Recent Work site

Joan-the-cloud-person has spectacular new cloud images from everywhere! Utah and Otero Mesa landscapes are present. Some mall abstracts and Anasazi Ruins and Rock Art are there as well, but look at the clouds!

New Limited Time Offer

Check it out! Two new images at greatly reduced price for short time only! For a limited time only, Archival Pigment Ink 11″x14″ prints of the two prints below are available for only $75 each. That’s less than 1/4 the retail price and free shipping in the lower 48 is included! Info about Joan’s offerings: To order, send an email to¬†

For info about Don’s, send an email to


The Oregon Coast Workshop, conducted every year since 1994, was cancelled this year due to lack of participants–sorry to disappoint those who did express interest in the workshop. We plan to schedule again next year.

I would like your ideas on the Oregon workshop and workshops in general. What content would you like to see? Are their locations you would prefer? How long would you prefer?


Ideas about improving the Photo Update newsletter content or form would be appreciated, thanks in advance! And, of course, if you would prefer not to receive the newsletter, please contact me.